Friday, January 27, 2012

Kids Game Center

About every couple of weeks I make a quick trip to my favorite thrift store.

I usually walk out without finding much, but sometimes I get really lucky.
This time I spotted this little beauty:

I know what you're thinking...that's aluminum garage shelving.
Yep. But for some reason it caught my eye. So, I slapped down my eleven bucks and threw it in the back of my van.
Thank goodness for fold down seats.

I had a couple of ideas for where I might use it, most obviously in my son's room, since it's about as messy as my garage, but then I had a better idea.

Are you ready??????

Game storage!
We have the perfect spot between a couple of the kid's rooms, it fit perfectly, and with a little merchandising I think it looks pretty cool.

Here's a few of the details.

I call it "Industrial Cheap"

*I made the 2 little framed prints, more on those later


gillar girl said...

thank you for the nice comment shannon :) this shelf looks fabulous with the way you've styled it. and i love those prints & frames!

Sarah Allred said...

It all looks so darn FAB with your touches on it, Shannon! Love your style! Who ever thought GAMES could look so good out in public?

Allyson said...

Shannon, this is so cute- I just LOVE it! You are amazing.

Hollyhock said...

"Industrial Cheap!" I LOVE it! Loving your Silhouette, huh? Nice frames.