Friday, February 10, 2012

Another Cabinet Door Project

A few days ago I posted about the curbside cabinet doors that I transformed into cork boards.
Along with the standard rectangles that I rescued off the curb, there was one large square door. It was too interesting to pass up, so i decided to turn it into a piece of artwork for my daughter's room.

First, I painted the entire cabinet door off white. I then made a vinyl stencil of a chandelier and placed it on the inside panel. I painted the center panel and over the vinyl with a soft green and added a bit of glaze for interest.
Then I carefully peeled off the vinyl to reveal the white paint underneath. I did a bit of distressing with sandpaper, so that some of the original wood would show through.
I added some hangers on the back and hung it above her bed.
Not bad for a completely FREE piece of art.


Allyson said...

I love it. Hey, I am looking to make/buy a wooden letter bin for each kid's school papers for my command center in the kitchen. Did you make/buy the one that is on her wall by the window?

The Barb Chronicles said...

I love that chandy... do you still have the image? Can I copy? PLEEEEEZ :) You rock!