Sunday, February 12, 2012

Kitchen Helpers

I started this system a few years ago, I don't always use it, but when I do it's a great way to get my kids to pitch in and help during mealtimes.

Here's how it works:
Each one of my kids has a picture on a mini hanger. There are 4 "mealtime jobs" Cook, Set, Clear and Wash.
One kid helps mom cook, one sets the table, one finishes clearing (they all have to clear their own plates), and one washes the table.
The kids know exactly what their job will be and after every dinner the hangers can be rotated to a new position.

Fun and functional!


Lindsey Smith said...

great idea. I love all the pictures of your kids. I can't believe how much they have grown since these pictures were taken.

The Barb Chronicles said...

I have been on the hunt for these hangers ever since I saw them on your wall! I love it! I love the idea, the chores, everything! Help me friend. Help me find these hangers so we can re-create this awesomness at my house! :) Shannon B. YOU ROCK!