Thursday, February 2, 2012

Plain Doors No More- Part 2

After a few hours of cutting, gluing, nailing, caulking, and painting, I finally finished spiffing up two of our interior doors.

Let's take another look at the "Before"

And the "After"

"Before" (with a little painter's tape)

I'm super happy with how they turned out-what a difference trim makes!
(2 down, 12 more to go)


Montierth Family said...

Nice!! You girl are just dying for projects! ;0) Will hubbie recognize the home in a few weeks?!

Shannon Baker said...

Only if he checks my blog. :)

Michelle said...

Your doors look fantastic freshly painted. Sadly my doors are so old paint won't fix them up quite so well!

Lindsey Smith said...

WOW! They look awesome.