Friday, March 9, 2012


I've wanted to do this post for awhile now, a little show and tell of our first home.
The year was 1997, we were newlyweds with no money, but were excited to own a home and I was excited to decorate it.
Remember- it was the time of fake plants (I had tons), frilly florals, and hunter green (so don't judge).
I look back and realize how much my style has changed, yet things that I really loved I still have and use today.
We brought all four of our kids home to this house and LOVED it. It was full of great memories and fun times, and we were sad to pack up and leave, even though we knew we'd outgrown it.
So.....for your enjoyment, I'll show you around the place.

The front (fancy huh?)

 View of the family room from the foyer.

Family room

  Dining room, man I had a lot packed in there.

Kitchen. I painted the cabinets myself

Kitchen windowsill. Country anyone?

Foyer looking into the downstairs bath.

Downstairs bath. I told you I had a lot of fake plants.

Girl's room.
I was probably the most proud of this room. I copied the paintings and stenciling from a Pottery Barn catalog.

Kids bath
I have no memory of decorating this room. Strange huh?

The Boy's room

Master bedroom
Homemade headboard with built in lights. My first home improvement project that involved saws.

Master bathroom

Whew! I'm tired.
Thanks for looking!


The Barb Chronicles said...

Thanks for the flash back! I remember when everything in my house was blue and yellow, ya, I don't know what I was thinking either :) Love your old house!

Montierth Family said...

What a flashback! How long ago was that move now? I still remember painting your current house. I love to see how you style and taste have changed. Thanks for the fun post.

jbeus said...

Every time I look at your blog- I can't just read one post-- I've got to keep going! I love to look at pictures and see how you've improved old things and made them beautiful! No wonder my mom asks for your decorating advice! Thanks for the blog! I'm a reader! -Brittany Beus (Laina Black's daughter)