Thursday, May 17, 2012

Low Tech

You know how one home improvement project leads to another? Well....after painting the walls in my family room I've realized that my favorite mustard yellow credenza just isn't fitting in.
So I've decided it needs a new paint job. My problem, however, is I just couldn't decide between aqua blue or red. I think both would look great, but I really wanted the right color to pop against the new walls.
I'm a pretty visual person, so I wanted to be able to "see" it in both colors before I decided.
My solution? Super low tech. I took a picture of the credenza and printed it out.

Then I grabbed some scrapbook paper in the colors I was considering, cut out the shape of the credenza, and just laid it on top of the picture.

Here's what it would look like in aqua.
Here it is in red.
Yes, I'm sure there is a fancy way to do this in photoshop,
 but I'm not a fancy photoshop kind of a girl.
Stay tuned to see which one I chose.

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