Thursday, June 14, 2012

Design Lab

Do you like $187.00 throw pillows? Then I've got a store for you!
Design Lab in Mesa opened about a month ago and all I can say is WOW!
The store, although severely overpriced, is incredibly beautiful and inspiring.
I snapped a bunch of pictures of some of my favorite items and displays. There is so much here that could be "knocked off", it totally got my creative juices flowing.

I have a weakness for jars. How easy would this be to do?

 Pillows....make me weak in the knees.
Ummmmmm-brilliant! Globes wrapped in string and pinned in places they've been.
Mood board to die for.
Giant letters. Yes please!

Totally unique lamps.
How cool is that pulley? Where can I get one that doesn't cost a zillion bucks?

Bookcases......swoon! So amazingly arranged.
Like I said, I would have a hard time paying their prices, but the store was worth the trip just for the inspiring eye candy.

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I'd bet they wish they had YOUR lamp!