Monday, June 18, 2012

Girls Room Part 1

Here it is.....the finished room.
Well mostly, there's always a few things to tweak.
I started by painting the walls "Cumulus Cloud" by Martha Stewart. It's a perfect light blue/gray color. The yellow mirrors above their beds were white, I updated them by spray painting them this bright yellow.

 I painted their existing headboards "Deep Coral" by Glidden. This is the third time I've painted these. They started off white, then were light green, then pink, and now coral.

 The pillows are all from Target. I plan on replacing the ugly brown buttons on the coral pillows with cute white ones. The bedspreads were a lucky find at TJ Maxx.
 They each have a homemade quilt from grandma on the end of their bed.
 Both different, both cute!
The window panels are from Walmart, and yes....I still need to hem them.
The bookshelf was theirs, I painted the back "Teal Lake" by Glidden.

 On the dresser is a mix of stuff I had. It still looks a little bare...not quite sure what I want to add yet.
 Have I told you I love birds?
I bought cute new knobs for this dresser at Hobby Lobby only to discover that the current knobs have TWO screw holes instead of just one, so I'm looking for another solution to fix up the plain dresser.

 The lamp was a great find at Homegoods. Yellow herringbone? How cool is that!?

Stay tuned for the rest of the room!


The Battys said...

Yep, love it!

0 said...

I see the reason Duckie and Twinki have been excited about their room. It's as cute and cheery as its occupants. Looking forward to seeing it in person.

What room is next?

Lindsey Smith said...

It looks gorgeous. Wow!! I love how bright and happy it looks.

Stonez said...

you're amazing!! I need to pick your brain and get spray painting tips :) I've done a little..and been a little frustrated, a little pleased