Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Amsterdam, Part 1

Wow! Where to begin?
This trip was so amazing, I feel really blessed to have been able to experience it.
These pictures are just a sampling of the 1400 that I took (overkill, I know)
I'm planning on breaking the trip into small, manageable blog posts, so forgive me for subjecting you to them for the next week or so. we go!
This is probably my favorite picture of Amsterdam, the first city we hit. I couldn't get enough of the beautiful, tree lined streets with the canals running through them. And the church at the end? Swoon!
So much of the city looked like this, every time we turned a corner there was another picturesque street view. The city is also filled with bicycles and boats, many of them houseboats. What I would have given to peek in them!
After landing at Schipol airport, we took a train to Central Station, stowed our luggage, and set out on foot. We walked through many of the little alleys and streets, and had our first taste of the food with an order of frites. 

Lee served his church mission in Holland, spending the last 7 months in Amsterdam, so he was a great tour guide, and it was fun hearing him speak Dutch (which he still remembers 20 years later).
Here's a picture of the beautiful Central Train Station.
A pretty little street.

This is the entrance to Begijnhof, a home for sheltered women since 1346. It contained an amazing courtyard with sculptures, a church, and a ring of small homes.
The next 5 pictures were taken in there.

Several of the homes and buildings throughout the city were slightly crooked and leaning. I wonder what this one looks like inside.
And the bikes, they were everywhere! We had to constantly pay attention to avoid being hit by one.
I think more people were on bikes then on foot.
They'll be much more to come.....stay tuned!

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