Friday, October 26, 2012

Amsterdam, Part 3

Here's a shot of our fabulous hotel.When we booked it, we knew it was going to be close to the museums, but didn't realize just how close.
Let's take a little peek out our hotel window.
What's that? It's none other then my new favorite museum- The Rijksmuseum!
This was not a bad view to wake up with each morning.

This museum had the most amazing collection of Dutch paintings. Unfortunately, I had to leave the camera in a locker.

Another great thing about the city is it's tram system. It's so easy to use. We had a stop close to the hotel, and could get anywhere we wanted to go within minutes.

The famous Van Gogh Museum was closed for renovation, but they had all the most important pieces of their collection moved to the Hermitage Museum. So we still got to see everything we had wanted to see. Seeing the Van Gogh paintings in person was a highlight of the trip for me.

I loved these installations they had in front of the museums.

More bikes.
More cheese.
We had a great dinner at this Indonesian restaurant. Since we don't speak Indonesian, and the menu was only in that language, we relied on the chef to "surprise us". Luckily it was fantastic!
The homes were so pretty.

I snapped a picture of this "Love Me" graffiti on the side of a brick wall, and when we were in Paris a few days later we saw a duplicate on a wall there. Very cool.

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