Monday, November 12, 2012

Framing Postcards

I bought these great square postcards in Paris, and was looking for a way to frame them without spending a lot of money.
I came across these white frames in the clearance section of Target, for 3 bucks each!

They're shadow box frames, and they had these ugly clips to hold the pictures, but I knew I could make them work.

I disassembled them, ripping off the clip and the easel back,

cut a piece of white card stock to fit behind the postcards,

and used 3D foam dots to raise the pictures off the card stock.
Super easy, super cheap!


Montierth Family said...

Nice! Love how you see the potential in little things.

Brandy Saldana said...

Such a great idea! I am currently looking for a way to frame and hang some postcards i bought in my cubicle without spending too much or taking away from the art work. will need to stop by my local target's clearance section ;D