Thursday, November 1, 2012

Paris: Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower

While still on the Ile de Cite, we made our way over to the Cathedral of Notre Dame to get some pics.
The line was long and it was raining so we didn't stick around to go inside. I'd been inside before, and Lee's been inside several times, so we were OK skipping it this time.
The exterior is the best part of it anyway.

I love this view of the city along the Seine.
Paris really is a beautiful place.

It was great having a car in Paris, and even better, not being the ones to drive it.
Dave, Lee's boss, was a pro on the road. The crazy Paris traffic didn't phase him at all.
After Notre Dame we headed over to our Hotel, The Pullman Paris.

We pulled up in front to see this...........

Yep. The Eiffel Tower, right down the street.
We knew we'd be close, we just didn't realize how close.

Here it is at dusk, just as the lights came on.

And at the top of each hour it has a sparkling light display.
We had a great dinner at Le Beaujolais.
French cafe's are so charming, and the food is always delicious.

We then walked over toward the tower. There was a cool display of bears just next to it. There were hundreds of bears, each painted by artists from different countries around the world. 

We got another up close look at the Eiffel Tower's light show.
This thing is so massive, it just lights up the sky!

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