Sunday, December 16, 2012

Goodwill Redesign

Last Friday I went to the grand opening of the new Goodwill Redesign store a few miles from my house. It's a Goodwill that sells only home furnishings and accessories, no clothes, shoes, toys, or anything else.
I came home with a basket full of goodies!
(Including this laundry basket on casters that all my stuff is in.)

I got 3 of these large twig stars for my Christmas tree. I wish they had more- they're really pretty!

I bought this big wicker basket with leather handles. It was in perfect condition and I love the shape of it. I'd been looking for something to put on top of my hutch, and this works perfectly!

I also got this moss covered decorative ball. Once I put my Christmas stuff away I'll move it to it's permanent location. For now it sits on my piano.
If you dig Goodwill, you definitely need to make a trip out there.

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Becky said...

I went there on Saturday. We found a new desk for my daughter for $40! I really like that store, glad it's so close. I saw those moss balls, should have gotten one.