Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Time to Paint

I get the urge to repaint my home a lot. I try to resist, but after a few years of living with a color, I'm just ready for a change. My front entryway wall, and the walls that lead up my staircase are painted in an olive green. I still like the color, but I've been thinking the area needs to be brightened up a bit, since it doesn't get a ton of natural light.
I bought a tester of the color I think I'm going to use. (Thank you- person who invented the tester)
The color in the rest of my front room is "Cappuccino" by Restoration Hardware (On the wall in the picture below). It's an all time favorite of mine. For the foyer and the stair wall, I had them mix the tester at 50% of the "Cappuccino" color. It's enough of a difference, without introducing a whole new color to the room.
The room has accents of orange, but I don't want orange walls, so I'm going more neutral with the paint so my accessories and fabrics can be more colorful.
 Here's the lighter sample painted on a board in front of the green I'm going to cover over.
Now I just have to decide if I should do it now, or wait until after Christmas.

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