Monday, February 18, 2013

A Social Experiment

Last week I noticed a piece of a plastic wrapper on my kitchen floor. As I was reaching down to pick it up I had a thought.......what If I didn't pick it up? How long would it take for one of my kids to do it?
Here's a little visual diary of how things went.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3
 (Pretty sure the dog would have picked it up it she could have)

Day 4

Day 5's as if they never even looked down.
The experiment came to an end when Abby accidentally overheard me telling Lee about it over the phone and snuck down and threw it away. Otherwise I have a feeling it would still be there to this day.
Now don't get me wrong, they're pretty good at cleaning up and helping around the house when they're asked, but they definitely need some help in the "I'll clean up just because" department.

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Montierth Family said...

I told kent about it and he wasn't laughing, only because he's pretty sure he'd been oblivious to it being there!