Sunday, March 3, 2013

Another Lamp?

 First of's good to be back. Anybody miss me? Anyone? Anyone?
Since my computer keeled over while Lee was gone, I've been unable to blog, and guess what? I've missed it!
Our PC may take a little while to get up and running, so I'm now blogging from my new laptop. I wasn't sure I wanted or needed my own laptop, but with the family computer crashing, and the amount of time the kids are on it for school, I think it was a smart decision.
It's been a crazy weekend. We had family in town, celebrated Mackenzie's birthday and her baptism. Lots more on all of those events later. For now I'll leave you with pictures of a new lamp I bought, and further proof that I'm a bit obsessed with light fixtures.

Isn't it Purdy?

1 comment:

Janet and Nate said...

Yes, you were missed! :D
Love the lamp. Great to run into you and your family and visit for a few. (I will be contacting you soon) :D Congratulations on Mackenzie's baptism!!!!