Sunday, March 17, 2013


This month I had the opportunity to decorate for an event at my church. The meeting was for about 300 women, and the theme of the night was "They Clapped Their Hands for Joy".
It was a beautiful night, the speakers were inspiring, and I was grateful I was able to contribute to it.

I got to do whatever I wanted, so I decided on a garden theme. I used colorful, fresh flowers, pretty fabrics, birds and bird cages, and moss filled buckets.

My friend helped with the flowers, she made 45 mason jar arrangements.

Each of the 18 tables were set this way, although I used a variety of fabrics for the runners.

The pennant was one of my favorite parts. It was an inexpensive way to fill the space and give some height to the centerpieces.

Grocery store flowers and leaves from my trees look so pretty in mason jars.
I also had to decorate 3 large serving tables for the desserts. I mostly used stuff from around my house to keep costs down.

I LOVE the gray and white polka dot runners on these tables.

My thanks to my mom, and my friends Amy and Cyndi for helping!

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Lindsey Smith said...

Beautiful. You are so talented Shannon!