Thursday, April 4, 2013

Gallery Wall Finished....For Now

There's nothing I like more than decorating the walls of our home. Since we moved a few pieces of furniture around, it opened up a blank wall that was screaming out for some fun pictures.

I started with the large photo of the kids in the center. The frame was originally brown, but I spray painted it a bright yellow.
I picked yellow because I wanted it to tie in with these eight small prints I purchased from EBay. They're part of the Paris in Color series from Little Brown Pen.
(the photographer's blog is on my sidebar)
I'm so in love with them, they make me want to go back to Paris!!!

I also added some pictures of Lee and I on some of our trips. I have so many pictures of the kids around the house that I thought it would be nice for them to see us as well.

I used two sizes of prints and cut the mats to fit the long frames. I think it's kind of interesting that way.
I finished it off with the quote "We are living our adventure" cut from gray vinyl using my silhouette machine.

In case you keep up with my blog, this is where my awesome buffet ended up since moving some furniture around. I really like it in this room.