Thursday, April 11, 2013

Making an Album

I used to be an avid scrapbooker. And while I still long for the days when I can spend hours and hours crafting beautiful, unique pages with lots of details, I've realized it's just not possible now. I don't have the time or energy to put into them that I used to. But......I still want to do albums. So for now, I've come up with a system that allows me to put together a complete book (about 35 double page spreads), in less than a day. Start to finish.....done.
 Here's my system:
First I organize my pictures. I group them by layout, deciding what I want on each page ( I always do two page spreads).
Then I sit down at my computer and do ALL my journaling and printing. Each spread gets a header and some text. Nothing is attached at this stage. It's all just picking paper and printing.

I try to use fun fonts that match the style of the page. By the way, this album is from our trip to Amsterdam last October.

I also try to vary how things are laid out on each page. I'm not great at journaling, but I'm trying to do better. On my next trip I plan to take notes as we travel, to help my poor memory.

Once everything is organized and printed, I break out the tape runner, the paper trimmer, and start assembling. I use additional card stock to border some images and add in any ticket stubs, or other memorabilia I have.

That brings me to this point. Basic pages, just photos and text. I lay everything out on my table , get out my embellishments (brads, staples, stamps, die cuts, etc.) and start adding some little finishing touches. Not too much, just a little something to add some interest to each page.

For example, on this page I just added the "journey sticker" and the word strip above it. That's it, easy peasy.

Some pages don't need anything at all. I just let the pictures tell the story. I really like to use 8x10 pictures!

This goes super fast, instead of getting brads and other embellishments out each time I do a page, I get them out once, survey ALL the pages, and decide where I want them.

On the first page of each of my travel books I usually do a summery of the trip with all the basic trip info. I do this last, so I can refer to all the pages without forgetting anything.

I put the pages in order, slip them in the page protectors, and assemble the book.
You may think this takes the fun or the creativity out of scrapbooking, and in some ways it might. But I think the payoff is worth it.....finished books that me and my family can enjoy!

I'll add a label for the spine of the book before it gets a place on the shelf.


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Becky said...

OH MY GOSH! I love it. Can you come help me? Do you have your pictures printed somewhere or do you do it yourself? There's no reason why I shouldn't have a shelf full of photo books, but sadly I don't. Great job!