Friday, May 31, 2013

30 Day Organizing Challenge

It's June. The kids are out of school, and I've got my two big events in May over and done with. I've wanted to do a full organizing overhaul of my home for quite some time, so I figured this was the perfect month for it. Now.....I consider myself a pretty organized person. But with a busy family of six, things can still get out of control (and they have).
My plan of attack? Take the 30 areas of our house that need the most attention and tackle one every day.
I started by making this handy dandy list.

My kids will be helping when we get to their rooms.

And here are my tools of the trade. The master list, black trash bags for donations, white trash bags for trash, a label maker, and Clorox wipes- so I can clean as I go.
If you're not a fan of blog posts about organizing, you might want to steer clear of my blog for the next 30 days, otherwise tune in tomorrow for the first post!

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