Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Reception!

There's a good reason I've been so skimpy with my blog posting lately.
My friends and I (Cyndi and Barb) have been working furiously on the wedding reception for my friend's daughter, Stephanie.
The reception was last night, and it was beautiful!
Her colors were champagne and blush, very soft and romantic.
She would have loved an outdoor reception, but with the heat of May here in Phoenix she went with the regular "Mormon church gym reception." I think it was a smart move.
Stephanie fell in love with this fabric and wanted to use it puddled on the tables. She also wanted a lot of glass. We added interest with glitter and monograms. The tall vases held white glittered branches and a series of photographs inside.
We used enormous black and white photos, branches, and draped walls, to cover up the ugly gym walls. Cyndi hung the lights and the white "fabric" from the ceiling and may have developed carpal tunnel from stripping all the branches.

There was LOTS of fabric behind the food tables, which covered up the gym stage.

I made this card box from a couple of floral stationery boxes, a little leftover bride's maid fabric, and felt flowers.

 It was fun to add a few little extra details, like pictures of the bride and groom as kids hung on the bathroom doors. (Thank goodness for Command Strips).

Also, a little something for the bathroom counter.

 The sign in table had a gorgeous picture taken at the temple, and more of the beautiful hydrangeas that we used in the centerpieces.

 The bride made the cake. It was so cool!
I love the topper they used!
Barb rocked the food!
Bundts, chocolate strawberries, 3 kinds of truffles, dipped rice crispy treats, candy, and popcorn.
 All pretty, and all delicious.

I loved how the bundt cakes looked on the tables.


The popcorn bar was a hit, especially with the kids.
I cut a lot of vinyl for this wedding, and labeled all the buckets and jars.

It took us two months to prep, and two full days to set up, but seeing Stephanie's face when she walked in was worth it.

Barb and Cyndi.....thanks for the fun!


Amy said...

Oh my gosh, DYING over here!!! I don't know Stephanie very well so we didn't go to the reception. Now I wish I had! This is absolutely gorgeous. You guys did a fantastic job, not just disguising the cultural hall, but on all the sweet little details and just everything! WOW!!!!!

Montierth Family said...

You guys are $20000 wedding planners! Beautiful work ladies!

A. L. Martin said...

Seriously AMAZING work ladies! I had hundreds of people commenting on How beautiful and unique it was. LOVE it! Thank you so much!!!

Janet and Nate said...

You three did a wonderful job Shannon. It was truly beautiful.

Becky said...

Gorgeous!! You'd never know that was an ugly cultural hall! The way you disguised the walls and stage is genious! Love all the little details.

tessa said...

I've been in that building and it did not look like that last time I was there. How magical! So fun that the bride noticed and loved it all too:) Great work:)