Thursday, May 2, 2013

Up to My Eyeballs in Glitter

I spent a good part of yesterday covered in glitter. Lots of glitter.
In preparation for a wedding reception that I'm helping with, my friends and I glittered 80 glass votive holders, and 16 tall glass vases.
We took these plain glass votives, masked off about 3/4 of an inch at the top, painted on modge podge, and sprinkled on this soft gold glitter.
Shake off the excess, remove the tape, and voila! Beautiful, custom candle holders.

In order to bring in more of the blush color the bride wanted, we also cut small pieces of sheer fabric to line the insides.
Once we drop in a faux tea light, they give off the perfect soft pink glow.
So pretty!


Emily said...

Very Pretty, good ideas for my sisters future weddings.

Sarah Kovats said...

This looks great! What kind of glitter did you use?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post! It was greatly helpful for my upcoming reception. I just glittered all my candle holders and they look awesome. Your blog brought great inspiration!

Kendra Klock said...

what is modge podge? These are stunning!

A. said...

Love this! How much glitter/modge podge did you need to make these? I am planning to make them for a friend's wedding and want to make sure we order enough materials!

Unknown said...

I am a seller on Etsy for hand decorated votives and holders and I want to start using glitter. I'm still new on Etsy 6-mo., but need more sales or I have to give up. Thanks for the inspiration. MY QUESTION..."How come your votive holders look so white?". I use new clear glass holders from "Quick Candles" and I wonder if they will turn out like yours? Fresh looking? Thanks. If not, where do you get your holders? Thanks so much!!

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