Sunday, June 23, 2013

Day 23: The Girls Closet

This closet was a disaster zone. Too much stuff crammed into the closet that Abby and Mackenzie share. With their help, we removed three large bags of toys, clothes, and books.
Here's what it looked like before the purge.
And here it is now.
We took out a whole bunch of books and packed them up for storage. My girls have outgrown these kid books, but they still read them on occasion, so we kept out some of their favorites.
I added the dividers onto the bookcase to keep the books upright.

There are six of these large pink bins lining the top shelf of the closet. They're perfect for rotating lesser used toys and games. I LOVE them!

I love storage units with drawers. They each get a small drawer to hold "tiny treasures", stuff that would normally get lost in their room. 

The bigger drawers are labeled with large vinyl stickers.
One of my favorite organizing tools are Command Hooks. I used them on the wall, and the side of their bookshelf to hold these toy guitars.
They also each have a hook on the back of their door for their robes.
One more room to check off the list!

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