Friday, August 9, 2013

DIY Outdoor Chalkboard

Putting this new "trash to treasure" dresser on my front porch gave me the perfect spot for something I've always wanted by my front door- a chalkboard. I looked into buying one, but couldn't find anything the right size or color, so my only option......make one myself.
I started with this cabinet door. Years ago I picked up a dozen of them from someone in my neighborhood who was redoing their kitchen. I've used them to make cork boards, for art in my kids rooms, for girls camp decorations, and now for this project. They are so perfect for the DIY-er!
I started by spraying the frame Aqua, by Rust-oleum.

No need to tape off the center, since it would be painted over anyway.
After it dried I used Frog Tape (my new favorite), and aluminum foil, to cover the frame.
Here's an important step- one that I failed to do the first time and had to go back and fix- The area that will be the chalkboard needs a good sanding, to get it really smooth and to get the chalkboard paint to stick. It also needs a coat of primer.

After that was done I sprayed on several thin coats of Krylon's chalkboard paint.
I let it dry, removed the tape, and it was done!

I wanted that chippy paint look, so I took my sander to it and roughed it up a bit.
I LOVE it!
I added a cute plant, my welcome sign, and a wood tray for chalk, and voila! A happy front entry!
(FYI... I smeared out part of my address in my welcome sign, if you were wondering why it looks so weird.)

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