Monday, February 10, 2014

Liege Waffle Love

Since visiting Belgium a couple of times in the last few years, and tasting the AMAZING Liege waffles sold on the streets- I've wanted to try to recreate them here at home. And although I figured I wouldn't be able to make an exact match, last night I think I came pretty close.
I teamed up with my friend Barb, who's also been to Belgium and understands how good these things really are.
We found a couple of recipes that looked pretty authentic and each made a batch at home.
They were similar in ingredients, but different in how they were made.
 My dough was made by mixing up two different batters and combining them together after they had risen.
Both recipes called for Belgian pearl sugar- the crucial ingredient for getting that sweet, caramelized, goodness. 

 They also both called for forming the dough into patties, much different than the waffles we're used to making. And trust me....these do not taste like regular waffles.
These are the dough patties from my batch.

And these are Barb's. Her dough was much more dense, and her finished waffles were a lot prettier.
Her recipe called for rolling the patties in the pearl sugar, while mine was mixed throughout.

 The dough from my recipe was much lighter, which made it more difficult to handle, but the taste was much closer to the real Liege waffles.
Our families were our taste testers, and loved both versions!
I will definitely be making these again!
For those interested, here's the link for the recipe I used.

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