Thursday, March 27, 2014

A New Way to Scrap

There was a day, actually there were about 10 years, when I religiously scrapbooked albums for my kids. An album a year, with cute papers, embellishments, journaling- the whole nine yards.
Those days, for now, are over. I still love the art of scrapbooking, and my kids adore looking at their books- but for the past few years I've just had no desire to do it- except for the occasional trip album.

It took a long time for me to admit to myself that I just wasn't going to do it. And then I had an idea.......let them do their own books.
I had to surrender the control, and know that they weren't going to be perfect. They weren't going to have all the bells and whistles like the ones I did- but they were going to be done. And what's even better? They were going to reflect my kids own styles, and have their handwriting and thoughts. Win!!!!
I figured Spring break was as good a time as any, so I printed almost 300 photos, bought another big box of Becky Higgins Project Life cards. ( I don't use her whole system, but the cards are fabulous), pulled out some very basic supplies and a folding table, and set them to work.
They did so good! They scraped about two years each, getting pretty close to caught up, and they had fun doing it.
Even the boy, who refused to let me take his picture, admitted it was kind of fun.
My plan is to make this a new Spring break tradition.

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