Friday, June 13, 2014

Art Camp- Week 1

This week was the first week of my summer art camp for kids. I was really nervous that everything would work out- that the project would be fun, and that the kids would enjoy it. I think it went pretty well!
We painted crazy, colorful peacocks with acrylic paint on gessoed art board. I taught about pattern, texture, and movement, as well as a little art history and the artist Gustav Klimt.


The kids did so well- even the little guys.
I taught this class three times- once on Tuesday, and twice on Wednesday. I also taught a class on Thursday for kids 12 and up ( with a different project), but forgot to get my camera out for that one, darn it.

There's nothing better than kids painting!

Their peacocks all turned out so great!

One down, eight more fun weeks to go.

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Kendyl said...

Shannon, you are so talented... my girls love to draw and paint.. let me know if u do this again. and how much you charge!