Sunday, June 1, 2014

Off to Girls Camp

I work with the Young Women at my church, girls 12 and up, and tomorrow is our annual Girls Camp.
I was camp director last year, and wasn't originally slated to be in charge this time, but it kind of fell in my lap a couple weeks ago when our new camp director moved.
With the help many other women, we got the work done, and are ready for 4 days in the mountains.
The girls from each ward (congregation) were assigned an attribute. We got Faith- and named ourselves the Warriors of Faith. What better symbol for warriors than arrows.
I drew the logo for our shirts, and we had them printed up on pistachio green T's.
Aren't they cute?

Each girls gets a handmade backpack, among other goodies. My mom did the sewing, and I made the arrows and the tags for them.

 This is only about half the stuff I get to schlep up there!
It's a lot of work, but I'm hoping the girls have a fun time together and enjoy the experience.
Wish us luck!

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