Thursday, January 22, 2015

Shannon's 52 Weeks of Art

I've challenged myself this year to what I'm calling "Shannon's 52 Weeks of Art". My goal is to complete a drawing or painting (tiny sketches don't count) every week for the whole year. I'm also trying to more fully develop my personal style. I see so much art that I love, and so many artists painting and drawing in so many amazing styles, but I need to be happy with my style, and with the images I create. I need to stop comparing myself to others, and be ok with how I make art.
I have a whimsical style. Not hyper realism, but not cartoony. Somewhere in between. I like exaggerated outlines, high contrast, vivid colors, and "drawing" with my paintbrush.

I'm hoping that after a year of putting more hours into my art, that I'll see an improvement. Not to mention I'll have a pretty good stack of art to show for it.

If you follow my blog, or my Instagram account (smbaker8), you'll notice that I draw and paint girls and women. It's what I am and what I know. There are also reoccurring images that have meaning to me.
Wish me luck!
"Nesting" 16x20 Acrylic on panel

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Cassidy Sevier said...

This is wonderful! I also fought my style for years, before finally appreciating it for what it is- mine. Best of luck with your project!