Friday, March 27, 2015

Four Person Workstation

About a year and a half ago I bought a big desk for our laptops. It was kind of ugly, so I painted it, changed out the pulls, and even lined the drawers with cute paper. I really loved the desk. The problem? Only one person fit at it. So after school and on weekends when kids and the hubby were doing work, or playing games, we'd have one person at the desk, and three people on laptops at the kitchen table. I finally got tired of that arrangement, and so did Lee, so we ditched the cute desk, and chair, and headed to Ikea for a better solution.
We bought two of the white Micke desks, and four new chairs. It's a little more "Ikea" than I like, but it's so much more practical!

Four people can work at a time and I have my kitchen table back!



Do I think it's as pretty as the old set up? Nope. But sometimes function trumps form.

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