Saturday, February 4, 2012

Gallery Wall

I love a good gallery wall. Especially one done with family photos.
I put this grouping together a couple of months ago, after a family photo shoot. It runs up the first part of our staircase wall. Since I'm a hoarder of frames, I had most of them already. Two of them were different colors originally- so I just sprayed them black for a more cohesive look. The letter, number, and other elements were purchased at Hobby Lobby (man I love that place).
I'm usually just an "eyeball it" type of picture hanger, but because of the quantity of frames, and the limited space, I cut out butcher paper templets and arranged them on the wall first. Super easy!

All photos by the super talented Sarah.

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The Barb Chronicles said...

love it! Hey... I bought a head board and painted it today.. I felt so "bakerish" :) come over and see!