Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Double Birthday

This past weekend we celebrated two of our kids birthdays.
Joshua turned 14, and Abby turned 10.
Of all our kids, these are the two that never fight with each other. They're the best of friends and the most alike. They both had separate activities planned with friends, but we came together as a family and had a little "double birthday" party for them.

They had fun opening presents together.

Can you tell she likes peanut butter cups?

  And penguins?

And he likes The Beatles.

 They're growing up so fast!
Happy birthday to 2 of my favorite people!


Montierth Family said...

Happy Birthday Josh and Abby! You guys are growing up fast!

The Barb Chronicles said...

Happy Birthday!!! Love the container with the peanut butter cups!! So cleaver!

Lindsey Smith said...

They are adorable. Fun that they got to share their bday party! Bracken has a sister that has the same birthday and we loved celebrating it together when we lived closer.