Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Day 12: The Kitchen, Part 2

Today I finished up my kitchen. I won't bore you with pictures of every cabinet and drawer, but let's just say they were pretty bad.
Our food cabinet that once looked like this.....
Now looks like this.
I didn't make any big, groundbreaking changes. If money grew on trees I'd gut the kitchen and start over. For this challenge I just concentrated on getting rid of things I don't use, and grouping and organizing what was left. One of the few things I did purchase was this 5 dollar lid holder.
I also re purposed a few boxes and bins to hold things like Ziploc bags and baking supplies.

I used more of the pretty blue contact paper to line the drawer that holds our "kid dishes".

The corner cabinet has a small TV in it (I like to watch Food Network while I cook), and more of my large platters. It got a cleaning as well.
I also keep a cork board on the inside of the cabinet door with some of my most frequently made recipes.
After two days spent here in the kitchen I'm soooooo ready to move on!

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