Thursday, June 13, 2013

Day 13: Media and Game Storage

We have a black leather ottoman in our family room, it's the perfect spot to rest your feet, it's also the perfect spot to hold a jumbled mess of video game components, remote controls, and movies.
Is there anyone in my house that can put things away neatly? Anyone?

For years we've been putting our DVDs in leather bound storage books, but it had been a while since we've updated them. In my opinion, these plastic DVD storage cases take up way too much room.
We remove the disks and the front covers and store them in these books instead.
We've designated a book for the kids, a book for Lee, and a book for me.

I also organized and labeled more of these plastic shoe boxes for all the game controllers, parts, and pieces.

Let me remind you of the "before".

And now............the "after".
The big question is, will they keep it this way?

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