Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Day 25: Joshua's Room

If you have a teenage son, you'll feel my pain.
Today was the day we tackled Joshua's room. Or, I should say, he tackled his room. I could have gone in there and thrown out about a third of his stuff, but that wouldn't teach him anything. Instead I gave him a pep talk and sent him in with instructions to go through every drawer, basket, box, and bookcase.
He did great! Even though he said it was like "giving away his childhood".

Taking a break and avoiding the camera.
These big bins in the top of his closet are the same kind that my girls have- they're fantastic!

I bought this trunk years ago, he keeps his camping stuff in it.

Although his Lego years are behind him, I thought I'd snap a picture of his display case. I bought it at a yard sale a couple of years ago. it was originally a sunglass display, but I added the "Lego" label to it. It's pretty cool.
And here's the result. Trash and lots of stuff to donate. Not bad at all!

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