Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Day 26: Paper Clutter

I'm getting near the end of this challenge (yippee!), and honestly, there's not much more to do. Today I worked my way through the house tackling paper clutter. A lot of what I did is not blog worthy, but I thought I'd show two things I do to keep paper clutter down in our house.
The first is this folder system. Every year I buy a folder for each of my kids. This is where I put report cards, letters, recital programs, certificates, favorite drawings, etc. They come home with so much stuff from school, if I kept everything I'd need a storage unit, so I let my kids help decide what's the most important stuff to keep, and we toss the rest.

I've done this for about seven years, it has really made a difference in our kids paper clutter.
The second idea is something I asked my husband to make for me. It's our "Baker White Pages". I know we live in the digital age, where everything is stored online, but I still like the idea of keeping a hard copy of important phone numbers and other contact information.

Since all our contacts are in one place, I have no need to keep all the other random phone books, business cards, ward lists, school contact lists, etc. It's compact and space saving. Anything new that comes along can be added in by hand, and occasionally updated and reprinted. I also LOVE that it's spiral bound.
Like I said before, I did a little more paper purging today and general tidying up- too boring to blog about. I've got three more areas to tackle and then it's off to Goodwill. I can't wait to show you the end result!

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tessa said...

Love you paper corralling folder idea. I've got 4 at the elementary school this year and the paper will get out of control if I don't implement a good plan. Gonna give that one a shot. Thanks!