Sunday, June 30, 2013

Day 30: Goodwill and Good Riddance!

 Truth be told, I actually did this drop off yesterday (since today is Sunday).
It's been a whole month of organizing, dejunking, cleaning, rearranging, and getting the house in order......and I am DONE!
So yesterday I packed up my van and headed to Goodwill.

Ahhhhh.......donation drop off!

I filled this entire rolling cart.'s the breakdown.
30 days
12 rooms
8 closets
14 bags of trash
7 large bags and 4 boxes donated
1 completely organized house
4 kids that better keep it clean
1 really tired Shannon
Have I said how happy I am that it's done? 
Stay tuned for some catch up post of other things I did during June!

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