Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Day 5: Red Credenza and Paper Storage

I'm Shannon, and I hoard paper.
I can't help it. I REALLY love paper. In my defense, I do use it all the time. I love a good paper project, I use it for church stuff, and I let my kids use it. Since I have so much, a lot of it was ending up stuffed haphazardly in my red credenza.

It looked a little something like this.
This white metal cart is from Ikea, and you guessed it- it's also full of paper.
I spent some time sorting through it, putting it back in color order, and refilling the drawers.
 I added some labels to the drawers, of course.
And boxed up all the overflow.
This left room in the credenza for all my Silhouette vinyl and supplies.

 I even have an empty drawer!

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Ruby said...

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