Thursday, June 6, 2013

Day 6: The Guest Bath Vanity

I'm hanging my head in shame. Look at that mess!
Since I live in Phoenix, I can't store leftover paint in my garage, so for years I've been stashing it under the bathroom sink. I started this organizing challenge by removing all the old paint that I no longer use in my home. Most of the containers left were quart size, but I did have these three gallon buckets that were only partially full.
They take up so much space, so I decided to head down to Home Depot and buy three empty pint size paint buckets. At 3 bucks each, they're worth every penny for the amount of space they save.
After transferring the leftover paint to the smaller cans, I labeled the new cans with all the info on the original can- including the paint formula.
I also bought some grip liner to line the bottom of the cabinet. I love this stuff- when it gets dirty I just throw it in the washing machine.

I also picked up several of these plastic shoe boxes.
Perfect for corralling smaller items.
Here's the newly organized vanity. Clean, orderly, perfect!


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