Monday, July 29, 2013

A Shelf and a Collection

I've had this vintage shelf in our downstairs bathroom for several years, before that it belonged to my mom, who got it at an antique store. It's been several different colors over the years, most recently black. I love the chippy paint and it's cute shape, but was growing tired of the dark color.
I hauled it out to my dining area to give it a fresh coat of white paint.
Here's the before shot.
And here it is now, back in the bathroom.
See that glorious chippy paint? After I painted it, I sanded it a bit to let some of the old colors peek through.
This cabinet holds our collection of travel miniatures.
Some people collect postcards, spoons, or magnets from their travels, but we started buying little miniature replicas of some of the places and things we've seen.

They're super kitschy and fun.
We've got a couple more trips coming up, so you can be sure we'll be adding to our collection!

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