Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Amsterdam Bike Photo

Of all the pictures I took in Amsterdam last year- this one is my favorite. I remember walking past this bike and stopping in my tracks- it was just so cool. Black and white striped bike, red brick wall, funky, rusted bike chain- perfection.
I took a couple of quick pictures of it, and until now, hadn't printed any of them.
I've had this huge photo I took of the Chrysler Building hanging in our downstairs bathroom for several years- it's a great picture, but I was ready to change it out.
I ordered a 20x30 print of the Amsterdam bike, and broke out my trusty mat board cutter to cut a new white mat.

So far, so good!

Here it is up on the wall.
Another shot of the "before".
And the "after".
I love the red in the picture against the gray walls. I need to do a bit more work in that room to pull it all together- but I love how big of a change it made. Not too bad for a 9 dollar print!

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