Thursday, August 22, 2013

Crafting Like Crazy

I'm in charge of Super Saturday at my church this year. For those of you non Mormons out there- it's a big day full of crafty/cooking projects for all the women in our congregation.
I've got a dozen projects in the works (with a lot of help from a couple of good friends). I'll be posting the projects as time gets closer, but in the mean time I'll give you a glimpse of what my life is consisting of these days.
 This is just a small sampling of the stuff that's going on. My dining room table, desk, and a good portion of my kitchen counter, are also covered in craft supplies.

Have I mentioned I really need a craft room?


Emily said...

just tell one of the older kids they need to get older and move out so that you can have a craft room.

Becky said...

They put you in charge of a lot! They must know you'll do a fabulous job:) I have a craft room and I still end up doing all my projects on the kitchen island.