Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Boston and Quincy

We spent another full day touring Boston and the city of Quincy. I'm calling it the day of seeing some serious historical stuff. I even learned a few things (while on vacation! Shocking isn't it?).
We started with a tour of the U.S.S. Constitution, otherwise known as Old Ironside.
It was actually pretty neat- I learned that they even let the kids on board drink rum. It must have been quite the party. 
The views of the city from the ship were pretty amazing.

After the tour we made the big hike up to Bunker Hill. There were some cool houses along the way.
I'd like to see the inside of this one!
The monument on top the hill is a smaller replica of the one in D.C.
Climb the 300 steps to the top? No thanks.
We passed this house on our way down the hill. I guess these neighbors had a difference of opinion when it came to house color.
 We headed through the North End again and had an amazing Italian lunch.
I love the architecture in this area of town.
We passed by the home of Paul Revere. We waved, but he must not have been home.

More great views on the way to the T!

Our next stop was Quincy. It took us about 30 minutes on the subway, and a little more time to make our way to the John Adam's Visitor Center. Once there we took a trolley ride that stopped at the three homes he lived in.
This is where he was born. We toured this one, and the home next door where he lived as an adult, and where John Quincy was born.
Then we moved on and toured the big house that they moved into later in life- called Peace Field.
The furnishings and art were all authentic. It was really impressive.
This structure off to the side is the library. It holds his collection of  books- all 14,000 of them.

The gardens on the property were gorgeous.
Some more things I learned today:
John Quincy Adams was seriously smart. Abigail Adams must have been really fun to hang with, the U.S.S Constitution is the oldest commissioned ship in the Navy, and the men on board were probably stinky, the Freedom Trail does not necessarily need to be done in order, Paul Revere hung up 2 lanterns (why did I think it was 1?), and you can always squeeze one more person on the subway.
Tomorrow we're renting a car and taking another day trip. We're hoping to see some New England fall foliage!


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