Friday, September 20, 2013

New England by Car

Yesterday was a marathon of a day. We got up bright and early and headed out of Boston in our rental car, through New Hampshire, and into Maine.
We stopped in New Hampshire just long enough to get this picture-knowing that we'd be driving through it two more times that day.
Our goal was to see as many states as possible, and some sights along the way, all in one day.

What's a better thing to see in Maine than a beautiful lighthouse? This one is the Nubble Lighthouse in the town known as York.
Isn't it cute?
The lighthouse isn't open for visitors, but seeing the island, and the surrounding area, was worth the trip.

After Maine, we headed back into New Hampshire, to Concord, the state's capital.
The downtown area was charming. we walked the streets and had a bit of homemade ice cream.

Supposedly the best in the city!
Most of downtown Concord looked like this. Charming brick storefronts. with cute awnings and pretty window displays.

Here's a shot of the capital building.

After Concord, we headed west again, determined to make it to Vermont, and even more determined to see a covered bridge.
The closest Vermont town for us to drive to was Brattleboro, where we stopped and walked part of Main Street. I spent most of my time in this British store. The owner had some amazing home décor items from England and around the world. I bought a beautiful ceramic bowl here- I really hope it survives the trip home.
Every New England town has at least one pretty white church. Brattleboro was no exception.

After asking directions from a local we finally made it to a covered bridge. This one is called the Creamery Bridge. It's open to pedestrian traffic only, which was perfect for picture taking.

A Maine Lighthouse and a Vermont covered bridge in one day! Does it get any better?

By this time it was getting late, so we jumped back in the car for the trip back to Boston.
So that's it. Four states in 9 hours. Not too shabby!

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