Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Finished Clock

After a week of living with this clock painted in the wrong color I just couldn't stand it any longer. It had to change.
Here's a reminder of how it started, before we removed the pendulum and added the shelves.
 I'm almost embarrassed to show you the ugly orange (which looked great in the store, but just awful on the clock), but here it is.
It doesn't look that bad in the picture, but trust was bad.
I looked in my paint stash and found a light gray "oops paint" that I had bought about a year ago for a buck.
With nothing to lose, I started covering up the orange.
So far, so good.
Here's the finished clock.
So........... much......... better!
To say I love it would be an understatement.

The shelves hold my favorite books and a few pretty objects.


Sometimes projects flop. In this case, it was worth the effort to fix it and get it right.


Montierth Family said...

Hooray it's done and I love it! I would have never thought to make it into a bookcase!

mihaela bilcan said...

Mi piace (dove posso trovare? )