Wednesday, January 22, 2014

DIY Valentine's Day Art

Before I tear my house apart to start my popcorn ceiling removal, I took a little time (or really just procrastinated) and made some art for Valentines Day.
I started with an 18x24" piece of MDF. I painted the whole thing white, and taped off the areas for the gray stripes. By the way, if you haven't used Frog tape yet- it's fantastic. Perfect stripes every time.

I also drew and painted a red heart in the bottom corner.
I cut the "be mine always" vinyl and the black outline for the heart, slapped them on, sanded the edges a bit and gave it a spray of glitter. Because glitter makes everything better.
Super simple and kind of cute.

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Unknown said...

THIS IS SO CUTE! My sister is Kendyl Stepp and she showed me this! I have a Silhouette, and was wondering where you got the "be mine always" file?