Sunday, May 4, 2014

Washington DC Part 1

Warning!.........if you don't want to hear about our trip to DC, then steer clear of this blog for the next few days. Otherwise, enjoy!
We left on Friday, April 25th, and flew on Southwest to Regan National Airport in DC. My parents met the six of us at the airport, since they flew with a different airline, we hopped in a couple of cabs and made our way to our beautiful hotel, The Hamilton Park Plaza, just a few blocks Northeast of the White House. We checked in, grabbed our umbrellas, and set out for a quick walk around the neighborhood to the White House. We grabbed a bite to eat, and headed back to the hotel for the night.
The next morning we headed out bright and early, knowing that it would be a full day. This was my third time to the city, so I felt like I knew my way around pretty well, but just in case, I put Mackenzie in charge of the map.

I was determined to take the kids to the National Gallery, and they were pretty good sports about it, especially when we let them "pose" in front of the paintings.


Abby and I liked this one, The White Girl, by James McNeill Whistler

Don't they look excited to be standing in front of a Leonardo da Vinci? Silly kids.

After the gallery, we rushed over to catch our timed tour of the capital.
They were doing some restoration on the inside of the dome, which is the best part of the tour, so after all the hassle of getting there, and going through a horrible experience at security, the tour itself was a bust.
Oh well, it got us closer to a building I like so much better- The Library of Congress.
If you're ever in DC, skip the capital and just go here. It's stunning.

After a quick break at the hotel, we headed back out to see the monuments at dusk.
Washington Monument.

I love the walk through the mall from Washington's Monument to Lincoln.

World War II Memorial

Korean War Memorial (my favorite)
Lincoln Memorial

As soon as we finished looking at Lincoln, the sky opened and it started pouring rain. We scurried back down to the street and grabbed a couple of taxi's to get us back to the hotel. A little wet, but happy.

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Joshua Baker said...

Awww. That looked like so much fun. Can you take me next time?