Monday, May 5, 2014

Washington DC Part 2

Our first stop of the day was Ford's Theatre. We had the best experience there. A volunteer, dressed in costume, gave the whole history of the assassination of Lincoln. She was an excellent story teller, and spoke for over thirty minutes on the stage of the theatre. Even the kids were riveted.

After Fords Theatre we walked to The Air and Space Museum. We explored the museum and saw an IMAX movie on the Hubble Telescope.

We had a quick lunch and then it was back out on the mall for the next stop.

We had time to see some of the Natural History Museum.

It is was crazy busy and really hot inside, so we did the express tour, and headed back outside to see more of the memorials.
Another walk down the mall, with some frozen treats to cool us off, brought us to the Vietnam Wall.

I think my kids were shocked by the amount of names on it.

A few more memorials, and we were done for the day.
Much more to come!!!

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