Friday, July 18, 2014

Art Camp- Week 6

Week 6 of art camp was another success. I taught a lesson on perspective, and had the kids make watercolor landscape paintings.

I love to see what ideas they come up with, and how creative they are.

Watercolor can be a difficult medium. It's hard to control, and can be very unforgiving. It was a challenge for some, but for the most part they rocked it!

My teenager class this week did Zentangles, which are basically doodles for grown ups.
The assignment was to draw a basic shape: dog, rabbit, penguin, etc., and then divide the space up and fill it in with detailed designs.
I loved, loved, loved how they turned out!

The girls liked them so much they want to do more of them next week.
I also needed to show off Jessica's drawing. She was finishing up a project from last week, and knocked it out of the park!
Doing art classes for these kids makes me hungry to do more art myself.

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