Monday, August 11, 2014

Art Camp- Week 9

Last week was my ninth, and final week of teaching summer art classes. Overall, it was a blast. It was a lot more work then I'd anticipated, but it was definitely worth it.
Our last project was a giraffe painting on canvas. We learned about Jasper Johns and mixed media. The kids added torn and punched paper to their paintings, as well as some stamping. They were messy and crazy, but fun.

Here are the stats:
9 weeks
36 classes
44 students
360+ works of art created (wow!)
80 tubes of acrylic paint
30 tubes of watercolor paint
10 boxes of pastels
96 colored pencils
60 canvases
14 pads of artist paper
Countless pencils, sharpies, and kneaded erasers
Dozens and dozens of paint brushes
1 house that took a beating (even found paint on my fridge)
1 lady that loved teaching, but is glad it's done!
........until next year.

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